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Trail Riding in Mongolia - Horse Riding Holidays

Trail Riding in Mongolia

TEMUJIN'S HIDDEN TRAIL will take you on a journey of discovery in the spectacular Khan-Khentii mountain range!

Situated just 100 miles east of Ulaanbaatar in the Töv and Khentii Provinces in northern Mongolia, the chain of mountains overlaps the Khan Khentii National Park (a Strictly Protected Area) and includes Mongolia's sacred mountain, Burkhan Khaldun, which has long been associated with the origin of Genghis Khan. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, perfect for exploring on horseback; a visual extravaganza of vast forested wilderness, open grassy plains, river valleys and dramatic mountains.

Trail Riding in Mongolia

Experienced guides will lead you on an unforgettable adventure, discovering hidden historical and cultural sites. The diverse terrain allows for a mixed pace ride, with plenty of opportunities for fast canters. Discover an abundance of unique fauna and flora along your journey through this pristine wilderness of wildflower filled pastures and lush valleys lined with larch and birch trees. This habitat attracts an array of wildlife including hawks, eagles, elk, deer, moose and even wolf.

Spectacular sunsets, cosy yurts and intimate campfires under endless star-filled skies provide an ethereal end to each day. Trail Riding in Mongolia is addictive! This wonderful country has such varied and interesting landscapes, it isn't hard to see why. Monglobe Travel also offer a number of other Trail Riding itineraries, exploring desert and mountain, forest and river valley. For those keen on Fishing Holidays, it is possible to combine your riding holiday in Mongolia, with fly fishing, in some of Mongolia's secret spots! This professional company are dedicated to providing travellers with their dream holiday, specialising in tailormade trips for families, couples and groups.

Mongolia is truly the adventure lover’s paradise – vast, remote and rich with culture and natural beauty!


Trail Riding in MongoliaTrail Riding in Mongolia


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Trail Riding in Mongolia