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Horse Riding Safari Holidays - Top Tips

Horse Riding Safari Holidays

Horseback Safaris have long been considered the ultimate riding holiday experience. Viewing game from the saddle gives you a unique vantage point, with a natural camouflage and a sense of being at one with nature. As you sit in quiet anticipation, your horse will attune to its surroundings, alert to any movement or sound of approaching game. A riding safari allows access through dense bush and across waterways into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Safari exists wherever there is wildlife, but the classic destination is undoubtedly Africa; Botswana, South Africa, and Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania and more. A wealth of adventure awaits.

Horse Riding Safari Holidays - <<AFRICA>>

Experienced Riders – If you are a confident rider, fit and secure in the saddle at all paces, you will find there really is nothing more exhilarating than seeing the ‘Big Five’ (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo) from the saddle in the African Bush! Do you want to canter alongside elegant giraffe in the Okavango Delta, ride deep into the incredible Makgadikgadi salt pans in Botswana or gallop amongst the great wildebeest migration on the plains of Kenya? Advanced riders will relish in challenging expeditions into the harsh, unchartered but breath-taking terrain of Namibia. From tented camps to luxurious lodges, the riding safari opportunities are endless

Beginner, Intermediate Riders and Mixed Level Groups – There are still plenty of destinations throughout Eastern and Southern Africa, for those not so confident in the saddle. Private reserves such as those in South Africa's Waterberg, or the classic opulent ranches and lodges of stunning Kenya, beautiful Tanzania or adventurous Botswana are ideal for family groups. Optional daily riding is perfect for occasional riders and children, where trail rides into the bush can be tailored to suit mixed levels and abilities. There are usually opportunities for additional cultural visits, and a range of activities from spa treatments and stargazing to wine-tasting and leisure activities. Non-riders can often share in the safari experience, travelling on vehicle drives and walks, meeting up each evening for sociable suppers and stories around the campfire.

In short, before deciding on the perfect Horse Riding Safari Holiday destination, consider:

1) Riding Experience and Fitness – Don’t over-estimate your level of fitness, endurance or ability in the saddle. Take a little time to prepare physically, to get the maximum out of your riding adventure.

2) Budget – Costs of Riding Safari Holidays can vary dramatically. If your budget can stretch to it, consider two riding safaris back to back in different locations. For example, your game viewing and riding experience can differ considerably between the Delta and Salt Pans of Botswana, and the South African bush.

3) Travelling Companions – Are you holidaying as a single, couple, group of family?

4) Dates – Check out seasonal changes in riding terrain and game viewing opportunities. From rising water levels in the Delta, to iconic migrations; no two seasons are the same on an African Safari.

5) Aspirations – Take some time to research destinations and wildlife experiences to tailor your perfect “once in a life time” riding holiday.

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