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António Borba Monteiro

António Borba MonteiroMeet the Instructor: António Borba Monteiro


Early Years
António was born in Portugal. His family have a long heritage as riders, breeders of horses and bulls. The mentoring skills of both his grandfather and his uncle Master Guilherme Borba, proved pivotal to his future pathway, encouraging him to discover and learn the traditions associated with the majestic Lusitano horse

On his 18th birthday António moved to his uncle’s home, the house of his grandfather, where he remains today with his family. Despite his passion for horses, António also completed a degree in engineering, like his father. He uses this knowledge helps him to interpret the dynamics and kinetic efforts of horses.

Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (EPAE)
In 1981, António joined the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (EPAE), once again under the guidance of his uncle he achieved great success, meeting the approval of his Master, the great Nuno de Oliveira. Master Nuno went on to give ABM the great honour and huge responsibility of working with his horses while he travelled to Australia. The Master, an old friend from the family, jokes: - “If you improve them, I’ll give them to you…”!

Santo André Lusitanos
Santo André Lusitanos is a Premier Dressage School ideally situated in a green and leafy haven just 15 minutes from Lisbon airport.

The centre is dedicated to providing an exceptional standard of tuition in Classical Equitation. Lessons are taught by highly experienced instructors, under the guidance of António Borba Monteiro, Master of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.


“If you understand what the horse tells you, it’s always more relaxed and fun!”

António encourages riders to respect the horse’s natural postures and uses this focus as a starting point, when instructing.


António Borba MonteiroAntónio Borba Monteiro

“ride from the horse”

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António Borba Monteiro