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  • António Borba Monteiro

    António Borba MonteiroMeet the Instructor: António Borba Monteiro


    Early Years
    António was born in Portugal. His family have a long heritage as riders, breeders of horses and bulls. The mentoring skills of both his grandfather and his uncle Master Guilherme Borba, proved pivotal to his future pathway, encouraging him to discover and learn the traditions associated with the majestic Lusitano horse

    On his 18th birthday António moved to his uncle’s home, the house of his grandfather, where he remains today with his family. Despite his passion for horses, António also completed a degree in engineering, like his father. He uses this knowledge helps him to interpret the dynamics and kinetic efforts of horses.

    Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (EPAE)
    In 1981, António joined the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (EPAE), once again under the guidance of his uncle he achieved great success, meeting the approval of his Master, the great Nuno de Oliveira. Master Nuno went on to give ABM the great honour and huge responsibility of working with his horses while he travelled to Australia. The Master, an old friend from the family, jokes: - “If you improve them, I’ll give them to you…”!

    Santo André Lusitanos
    Santo André Lusitanos is a Premier Dressage School ideally situated in a green and leafy haven just 15 minutes from Lisbon airport.

    The centre is dedicated to providing an exceptional standard of tuition in Classical Equitation. Lessons are taught by highly experienced instructors, under the guidance of António Borba Monteiro, Master of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.



    “If you understand what the horse tells you, it’s always more relaxed and fun!”


    António encourages riders to respect the horse’s natural postures and uses this focus as a starting point, when instructing.


    Santo Andre LusitanosSanto Andre Lusitanos

    “ride from the horse”



    For more details see Santo André Lusitanos or Contact Us


  • Trail Riding in Mongolia


    TEMUJIN'S HIDDEN TRAIL will take you on a journey of discovery in the spectacular Khan-Khentii mountain range!

    Situated just 100 miles east of Ulaanbaatar in the Töv and Khentii Provinces in northern Mongolia, the chain of mountains overlaps the Khan Khentii National Park (a Strictly Protected Area) and includes Mongolia's sacred mountain, Burkhan Khaldun, which has long been associated with the origin of Genghis Khan. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, perfect for exploring on horseback; a visual extravaganza of vast forested wilderness, open grassy plains, river valleys and dramatic mountains.

    Trail Riding in Mongolia
    Experienced guides will lead you on an unforgettable adventure, discovering hidden historical and cultural sites. The diverse terrain allows for a mixed pace ride, with plenty of opportunities for fast canters. Discover an abundance of unique fauna and flora along your journey through this pristine wilderness of wildflower filled pastures and lush valleys lined with larch and birch trees. This habitat attracts an array of wildlife including hawks, eagles, elk, deer, moose and even wolf.

    Spectacular sunsets, cosy yurts and intimate campfires under endless star-filled skies provide an ethereal end to each day.

    Mongolia is truly the adventure lover’s paradise – vast, remote and rich with culture and natural beauty!




    For more details see: Monglobe Travel or Contact Us.



  • Natural Horsemanship Courses

    Sundance Ranch - Portugal.Sundance RanchDiscover the delightful Sundance Ranch, set in the stunning Alentejo region of South West Portugal, dedicated to providing guests with week-long courses in Natural Horsemanship and Western Riding.

    The Alentejo covers over a third of Portugal. The protected plains of this UNESCO World Heritage Site stretch out beyond the mountains of Monchique and the Serra do Caldeirao, a magnificent unspoilt landscape of tiny whitewashed villages, mighty rivers, and cork and pine forest. Sundance Ranch is perfectly situated in this protected retreat, close to the town of Odemira and just a short distance from the rugged and deserted Atlantic coastline.

    Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse's natural instincts and methods of communication. The understanding is that horses do not learn through fear or pain, but rather from pressure and the release of pressure in a spirit of cooperation and harmony.

    Itineraries at Sundance Ranch are carefully tailored to suit the needs of riding guests. The weekly schedule at this friendly ranch is flexible and incorporates time to explore the local area. Working with the horses can include ground work, riding lessons or trail riding, depending on the interest and requirements of the groups. Lessons can be taught in both English and German.

    Natural Horsemanship and Western riding holidays are suitable for all levels and ability of guest, with the focus on developing a trusting relationship between horse and rider. The small herd on this fifty hectare ranch consists of Quarter Horses and Portuguese breeds. A selection of both youngsters and experienced horses, enable riders to be matched with the ideal horse to help them achieve the maximum enjoyment and enrichment from their riding holiday.

    sundance 2


  • Trail Riding in Cornwall with Hallagenna Riding Holidays

    Discover picturesque Cornish scenery on a riding holiday with Hallagenna Riding and Cottage Holidays. The centre is perfectly situated in the heart of the Cornish countryside, allowing easy access to the remote and rugged wilderness of Bodmin Moor. The friendly, family run centre is operated by qualified, experienced staff and has a selection of quality horses to suit all levels of rider. For those wishing to stay at Hallagenna, recently renovated self-catering cottages are available, providing the perfect place to relax after a day in the saddle.

    Bespoke Holidays and “Learn to Ride” Weeks
    For complete beginners, novice riders and those keen to return to the saddle, the centre offers tailormade packages with a combination of expert tuition in the school and daily trekking in beautiful countryside to improve riding skills, confidence and general equine knowledge.

    Trail Riding in Cornwall
    Hallagenna has a selection of itineraries to tempt competent riders looking for day rides, short-breaks or week long holidays. Spend between 3 and 8 hours in the saddle each day on guided trails. Ride through the shady, wooded valleys of the river Camel, over open moorland with Atlantic views and along the smuggler’s routes of Poldark country. Rides combine fantastic scenery with mouth-watering refreshments, cream teas, pub lunches and local wines for an unforgettable riding holiday experience in the South West of England.


  • Riding Holidays for Singles

    Riding Safaris in Botswana

    Regular independent travellers will delight in telling you that you’ll find numerable like-minded companions on a riding holiday. From enthusiastic thrill seekers, eager for the adrenaline rush of galloping with game in the Serengeti to sociable types, keen to explore picturesque vineyards of Tuscany - the choices are endless. From ranch holidays dedicated to groups of singles, to trail rides for all, the perfect riding holiday for singles awaits. Your first holiday as a single traveller can be daunting yet liberating; consider the following pointers to help you through the process.

    1) Cost – The dreaded phrase “Single Supplement” often deters many a lone traveller. Some rides do however offer specialist singles weeks and others may have departures with no single supplement or one or two single rooms or tents with no additional charge. Most establishments will help customers avoiding having to pay a single supplement by arranging same-sex room shares.

    2) Type of Holiday – Whether you are looking for a luxury safari, exotic beach riding or a desert camping trail, your choices are in no way limited by travelling alone. A little research is always worthwhile, as you may find some destinations cater more for family groups or couples. Whilst you would never be made to feel unwelcome, you may prefer a ride where there are likely to be a few other single riders. Solo travellers can often be a little apprehensive about the prospect of meal times alone, but on many riding holidays, sociable evening can be the highpoint of the trip, offering a chance to bond with your group and share stories.

    3) Group Size – You will have one fundamental trait in common with others in your group - you are all adventurous, keen riders. Larger group sizes will allow you to mingle with your riding companions, and make a few friends along the way. Your fellow riders may even be keen to make plans and book other riding holidays with you.

  • Choosing a Ranch Holiday

    There are establishments all over the globe offering genuine Western Riding and Ranch experiences. From Latin American Gauchos in the traditional Estancias and Fazendas of Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico to the classic cowboy ranches of Canada and the USA. Western riding is becoming increasingly popular and is available in a number of less obvious destinations such as Italy, Hungary, France and Portugal. With such a diversity of options, the following points will help you find your perfect Ranch Holiday.

    1) Riding – Are the quality of the horses important to you? Are you looking for a well-established family ranch that breeds its own stock or are you happy with a ranch that hires in horses seasonally? Are you looking for a holiday with fast paced riding, working livestock, daily trail riding, tuition, cattle drives, pack trips, team penning or arena games? Ranches fall into one of the following categories:

    Working Ranches - These are working cattle or sheep units. Your riding adventures will be determined solely by seasonal work related to the ranch livestock. Be prepared to experience these activities first hand as part of a team, from moving livestock, checking fencing, routine health management and general farm duties. These holidays are ideal if you are looking for the true “Cowboy” experience, especially for those confident in the saddle. Accommodation and facilities are often rustic but realistic.

    Dude Ranches – Horse riding is the predominant feature at these ranches. You’ll experience a variety of Western riding and outdoor activities. These are ideal for family holidays, where tuition and guidance is available for all ages and abilities. Some Dude ranches offer the fantastic opportunity to take a horse pack trip into the wilderness for an overnight camping adventure.

    Ranch Resorts – Whist Western riding will always be available at ranch resorts, guests will also have access to an array of other diverse leisure and sporting activities. These tend to be larger ranches, with a range of accommodation from family suites and bunk houses, to luxury cabins. They may have additional onsite spa facilities, such as swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, massages and beauty treatments. These ranches are again ideal for family groups, especially where some guests are non-riding.

    2) Location - The location of the ranch determines the terrain; consider the riding environment that appeals to you, when choosing a ranch holiday. Do you long to venture on horseback over fragrant meadows, lope amongst the cacti in arid desert, trek into vast prairies or traverse snow-capped mountain trails?

    3) Dates - Your final consideration should be the time of year you choose to holiday. Popular Ranches tend to be booked up well in advance, so plan ahead. Typically if you are looking at a US based holiday, the ranches in the northern states (and cooler climates) are busiest in the summer months, while the southern ranches offer warm weather riding in the winter months.

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