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Fundo Laguna Blanca
Riding on Fundo Laguna Blanca in the Araucania in Chile - in the midst of a breathtaking landscape with volcanoes , lakes and Araucaria forests combines: Centered Riding/Ride Coaching, Workshops like "The horse as mirror of soul" and unforgettable adventure rides (programs of 2 hours up to 6 days)

Tel: +56 99 455 7060
Email: beate@fundolagunablanca.com



Cabalgatas Cochamo
Horseback riding in the valley of Cochamo and the valley of the Esperanza, at the border of Argentina, the national park Nahuel Huapi. I organize travel for 1 day at 10 days. I have a family hostal in Cochamo, in the north of patagonia, near from Bariloche and Puerto Montt.

Tel: +56 77 645 289
Email: cirovivar@gmail.com



Hacienda Los Andes
Our Hacienda is located in the Valley Rio Hurtado (Norte Chico). You can explore the nature of the Andean landscape on the horseback. We own well trained Criollos, which live free in their herd. Our horseback tours from one to six days are accompanied by more language speaking guides.

Tel: +56 53 691822
Email: info@haciendalosandes.com



Cabalgatas El Arriero
Riding programs in the Atacama Desert. Following the old trails of the cattle caravans, crossing over the Andes, and the path of the "arrieros", we visit isolated places. These horseriding are for any kind of riders, experience and non experience, we can organized different groups according to the personal skills.

Tel: +56 9 77480382
Email: nsaguesdelac@hotmail.com



Criollo Expeditions

Criollo Expeditions offers unique, expert guided horse riding adventures in the extreme South of Patagonia Chile. Choose from a variety of trips from 5 day Estancia Rides, to 13 Day adventure rides Across the Width of Chile! Track down wild horses of the Andes and emmerse yourself in gaucho culture..

Tel: +56 (9) 85284225 or +56 (9) 68118463




We offer sustainable tourism supporting the rural economy where we do our tours. Opentravel gives a unique expirience not only for our guests but also for the local people in the mountains. We are located in the South of Chile, inthe Puelo River Valley in the Andes (LakeDistrict).

Tel: +56 65 260524




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Last Update: 23 Sep 2014

ChileRiding Holidays | Chile

Horse riding holidays in Chile give a completely different perspective to this amazing country. There are some wonderful equestrian vacationsthroughout the country from the high desert of the Atacama in the north to the tranquil Lake District and the dramatic landscape of Torres del Paine in the extreme south.

The horse riding in Patagonia is varied, with steep, mountain riding where you will marvel at your horses’ mountain-goat like climbing ability and vast, open pampas grass which offer plenty of opportunities for fast and long canters. There are rivers to cross, valleys carved by glaciers, lakes of cobalt blue and always with the impressive Torres themselves on the horizon.

In the Lake District you can choose to base yourself at the riding centre and take lessons or hacks in the surrounding countryside, or join a trail ride journeying high into the Andes or down onto the Pacific Coast. The pace can be slow in the mountains but the ever-changing landscape takes your breath away. At the Pacific coast there are empty beaches for long, comfortable canters.

Whilst the horse trail rides are for intermediate riders upwards, comfortable in all paces on a well-trained horse, the centre based ride will take any level of rider, from the complete beginner to the experienced rider looking for a relaxed riding holiday in a stunning location.

The Glacier View ride is a camping based trip through the Torres del Paine park. The Torres Vista ride and Journey to the Towers rides are in the same area but on these trips you stay in guesthouses and estancias (farmhouses).

The Chilean Criollo is quite a small horse, standing up to around 15.2hh, however they are sure-footed and sturdy enough to carry 14 or 15 stone people. They have wonderful calm temperaments and are honest and fun to ride. Most are trained to neck-rein so you ride with the reins in one hand, similar to Western riding. They often have quite strong bits but are very responsive so you ride with a very loose rein at all paces and they will stop in an instant when asked.

Chilean saddles are wooden framed with layers of padding and sheepskin over the top. You ride with a longer leg than in an English saddle and sit deeper in the saddle, even when cantering. The stirrups are often closed at the toe and look a little like clogs!